Stress Can Affect Our Bodies and Our Health!

I am happy to help you select the type of massage that is best for you.

Massage Therapy

An attractive young woman with her eyes closed is rubbing at her temples to relieve a headache

Headache/Migraine Treatment

Massage to your upper back, shoulders, and neck, along with some very subtle techniques used on the skull and facial bones will help decrease your headache; oftentimes, there is immediate relief.

Woman meditating in yoga pose outdoor.

Therapeutic Massage

The manual influence or manipulation of soft tissue structures of the body, such as muscle and connective tissue. It alleviates pain, decreases muscle tension, and promotes a life of health and wellness.

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Relaxation Massage

I use a light to medium smooth, flowing style. It is intended to increase circulation and to calm the mind, body and nervous system which promotes an overall state of well-being.


Who Am I?

I am trained and experienced in Myofascial and Deep tissue techniques and Relaxation massage and am proficient in the treatment of TMJ Dysfunction, Headaches/Migraines, and Whiplash.

My client base consists of individuals who experience limitations due to myofascial pain, recreational athletes,  and clients who want to indulge in a relaxing massage. 

What My Clients Are Saying

"After my previous massage therapist moved out of town I searched for a long time for a new therapist. When I found Colleen my search was over! Colleen is an exceptionally good listener. She figures out just what you need and then never fails to deliver. She also “listens” well with her hands – responding constantly to your muscles. I have benefited from relaxing deep massages and wonderful neck massages which help to keep my migraines at bay. Colleen has a peaceful presence which contributes to the relaxing experience of her massages.”

– V.S., College Physics Professor

"Before I found Colleen, I had been to many different massage therapists, most of them only once. I guess it was just never as perfect as I had imagined massage should be.  Then I heard about Colleen from someone I work with, and I’ve been going to see her every two weeks for a few years now.  My initial motivation was to help eliminate migraine headaches.  The work Colleen has been doing on my neck has been like magic – I rarely get headaches anymore.  Now I look forward to my regular massages mostly for the pure relaxation.  It is an hour I wouldn’t miss for anything.  No matter how my week is going, Colleen always knows exactly what to do so that I leave feeling absolutely peaceful and renewed.”

– L.F., College Physics Professor

"I had suffered for over thirty years with neck and back pain. I took many Advil every day and simply accepted that living with pain would be my lot in life. As my career “took off” and the stress and work hours increased, the pain also increased. About ten years ago someone gave me a gift certificate for a massage; I had tried massage in the past and had not had great relief, but was not going to turn down a gift. What a wonderful blessing when Colleen turned out to be the massage therapist. I was so impressed with her professional demeanor and true interest in my overall health and well-being. I started seeing her every other week then weekly. Now most of my days are pain free. I can always count on Colleen; she’s my best health care provider!”

– R.H., Sales Manager

"I truly value my time with Colleen.  She is a master at providing massages exactly tailored to what I request or need as she goes along.  She’s also just a wonderful caring and gentle person.  We always start with a chat about what is happening with my body so she can plan ahead.  As an athlete herself, she knows what do to address specific issues.  She’s also just great at providing a relaxing respite from the demands of life.  I always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed!”

– L.E.

"I always look forward to receiving a massage from Colleen. She is skilled, intuitive and nurturing. The perfect choice for athletes, dancers, yogis and actually anyone who wants to feel not only better but feel blissful.”

– R.E., Teacher

"Colleen is great!  I feel really lucky to have found her.  She has helped me recover from injuries, restored my muscles after long hours on the bicycle, and made me feel healthy.  As an athlete herself she has a great feel for how the human body works and has an intuitive sense of how to help her clients feel better.  She has a gentle heart and strong hands; the perfect masseuse!”

– M.S., Surgeon

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take my insurance?

I do bill private health insurance (if you have massage benefits) and am an in-network provider with the following insurance companies: Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealth Care, and Optum. If you have massage benefits through your health insurance, please contact me prior to scheduling an appointment, as I will need to check your specific benefits, including whether you will need a prescription from your physician.

Please note: verification of benefits does not guarantee payment of claims.

Do you work with Motor Vehicle Accidents?

If your treatment is for an auto accident, I will need a prescription from your treating physician (it can be a chiropractor).  Please contact me prior to scheduling an appointment, as I will need to collect some claim information from you so that I can contact your medical claims representative to discuss your specific PIP coverage.

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